Garbage Chute Odours

the stack effect

Nothing is worse than making a trip to the garbage room to take out your trash before dinner and having to hold your breath as you throw it down the chute, or risk your nostrils being assaulted by the combined smells wafting up from the bins below. Why does this occur?

Because chutes act as chimneys, bringing warm air from the garage up through the chute. This warm air contains all the smelly odours that have been  accumulated in the garbage bins below. This air pressure is known as the stack effect. That is why it smells terrible when you open garbage chute doors to throw away garbage. When chute rooms are opened, this smelly air wafts down hallways.  For more information about the physics of air movement in chutes read: Chute air flow

Sensitive To Smells?

Get Pro-Active

The traditional approach to odor control is to mask unwanted smells. This does not accommodate people who are sensitive to scents. Our Pro-Active approach eliminates odours rising up garbage chutes, thus eliminating the smells that waft into chute rooms and hallways.

How Do We Do It?

Implode VOC Molecules

The Air Fixx Pro Active System aims to make garbage odor-less by harnessing organic, biodegradable processes which implode VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) molecules. These VOC molecules contain the bad odours we smell. By imploding them with our specially formulated catalyst, bad smells are neutralized. The system lightly mists, automatically destroying VOC’s directly on garbage that falls from the chute. 



How does this work? The molecules attach to contaminants, bacteria and gas and then oxydyzes them which makes them sink. In other words it just reaches out and grabs them and holds them onto the surface so that air passing over them cannot take them up the chute.  This process eliminates smells and stops them from rising. With no wafting smells coming from chutes or compactor rooms you’ll reduce daily complaints from residents and create a happier and more comfortable atmosphere. This is a great option for buildings that wish to maintain a completely scent-free environment.

Pro-Active Odour Control

Air Fixx Odour Control Services

Effective and Safe Odour Management Solutions for Multi Residential Living 

Scent-Free Odour Control.

Harnesses Biological Processes 

Targets Garbage, Organic Bins

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