Using Scents

subtle ambiance

The sense of smell has a powerful impact on both physical and psychological perceptions of how people experience a space. Managers and Boards may want the luxury of subtle scents to enhance the experience of coming home. We introduce subtle scents which are dispersed in common areas such as lobbies, gyms, elevators, washrooms or party rooms. We believe that scents should be discovered, not announced.

Safe For The Environment

safe for residents and pets

Our scents have been developed by a naturopath and prepared in an ISSO certified facility with the objective of using softer, safer ingredients that also have minimal impact on the environment.  This is critically important for the health and safety of residents and staff.  We offer safer scents that have no known allergens or toxins, have not been tested on animals, and are vegan: gentle scents with no worries. 

Airfixx Odour Control

Air Fixx Odour Control Services

Effective and Safe Odour Management Solutions for Multi Residential Living 

Scent-Free Odour Control.

Harnesses Biological Technology 

Targets Garbage, Organic Bins

Safe Toxin-Free Formulation

Luxurious Subtle Scents

Lobbies, Gyms, Staircases

Quick Application

Saves Time and Effort

Garbage Rooms, Loading Bays