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Air Fixx philosophy

Our philosophy is that by providing top levels of service we can contribute to the well-being of both residents and staff. By focusing on trends within this specific area of the condo, we can provide you with up to date information and no-charge training if you want us to.

Nothing is worse than making a trip to the garbage room to take out your trash before dinner and having to hold your breath as you throw it down the chute, or risk your nostrils being assaulted by the combined smells wafting up from the dumpster below. Air Fixx can help make your tenants’ trips to the garbage room in your building more pleasant, and prevent your employees from scurrying past it in a hurry with their noses plugged.

Air Fixx is a company that offers professional odour management in Toronto, specializing in the neutralization of odours in condos and multi-residential buildings. Our unique odour control solutions in Toronto aim to identify and eliminate the sources of unpleasant smells. Unlike other similar companies in the GTA, our unique services work to completely eradicate the smell and its source, rather than just cover it up with heavily perfumed scents.

It’s our goal to create a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for tenants and employees alike. All-natural green bin solutions in Toronto are hard to come by, but you’ll be glad to hear that we offer one of the most effective products on the market. Our eco-friendly formulation will leave the affected area completely odourless, without any perfumed scent to mask lingering odours. We will attack any odours in your building on a molecular level and effectively eradicate them, leaving a safe and comfortable environment for everyone—even those who are allergic to perfume.

To learn more about our services with regards to garbage odour management in Toronto, visit our services page.