the stack effect left untreated

Two priciples explain why the air in the chutes must first pass over bins. This collects smells. Two solutions exist.

Scientific slide of bacteria

Have you ever had rotten garbage smell in your condo or apartment?

Bad smells affect mood

Are bad smells linked to unpleasant thoughts? Smell sense and the brain Smell is a powerful sense, it is connected right in the middle of the brain.  The two main areas that the sense of

Cleaning the driveway after garbage pick-up

We are asked about how to clean more often every day. We asked the experts: supers

WHMIS pictograms help people remember safety

Having an organized compactor room can improve workplace safety, save money and make cleaning more efficient

some bags are not closed properly, some fall fast

Bags that are not properly closed can make chutes dirty. This can cause bacterial build-up, flammable grease build-up and wafting smells. You can call a contractor or clean them in-house. These are the steps.

what to consider when making decision

Key factors in choosing a degreaser are how well it works, how fast it works, where it is being used and how much it costs

Wind coming from the west

Wind direction, location of the air intake and location of garbage collection all affect odour problems. There are work-arounds to help this.

The right tool for the job is important. You would not use a hammer to put in a screw

It's a challenge to find the best tools to save both time and money cleaning service areas. Tool hacks can help protect your investments and save time.

clean bin

Step by step guide to cleaning garbage bins. This will stop stink and reduce germs.

picture of clean compactor

Cleaning the compactor weekly reduces odours that go up the chute if this is not done. There are a few simple steps to follow that done regularly make the chutes smell better.