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Why Us?

As a property owner or manager, you know that an odour complaint in Toronto isn’t to be taken lightly. The city is overflowing with office, residential, and commercial buildings, which means that competition is fierce, making it that much more important to keep your employees and tenants happy—and we can guarantee they won’t be content with an odorous building. As such, you’ll quickly realize that it’ll be worth your while to invest in Toronto odour control solutions. When choosing among odour control suppliers in Toronto, there are a lot of factors that’ll go into your decision. We’ll make it easy for you—once you take a look at what we’re all about, you’ll realize there’s only one odour control company in Toronto for you.

Who We Are

Air Fixx consists of a dedicated and trained team of individuals who understand the importance of condo green bin solutions and condo odour control in the GTA. We also know that as a property owner or manager, there is an extensive list of specifications and requirements you need to meet to keep everyone happy, which is why we do everything we can to make that as easy as possible for you. Air Fixx is the professional odour management GTA company that you can count on to meet all your needs.

How We Work

When our technicians show up on-site to address your odour management issues, we won’t just set up our green bin solution in your Toronto building and leave. We’ll work with your staff and make sure they know how the system works and what to do if there’s a problem, and teach them exactly how our product will keep your air clean. With hands-on training for your employees, you can count on our system to never fail you.

Our team also understands the value of timeliness in situations concerning GTA odour control. We’ve been able to create a loyal band of clients who depend on us by being their go-to option in emergencies. We can respond quickly to emergency calls and help you out when you’re in a bind.

Our Qualities

We believe in quality products and services that do exactly what they’re meant to—without any extra frills. Our goal is to set ourselves apart from the competition with our unique services.

Getting rid of odours shouldn’t mean filling the air with harmful chemicals and irritating fragrances; property managers should be able to maintain a clean, comfortable environment without masking unpleasant odours with strong perfumes. Rather than using temporary fixes like deodorizers, disinfectants, odour counteractants, air scrubbing, or pairing agents, we use a non-toxic and biodegradable formula that completely eradicates odorous molecules from the air. With our strategy, there’s no chance that anyone will get a whiff of the horrible smell that occurs when heavily perfumed fragrances are mixed with garbage odours in an attempt to mask the latter. Keeping the air in your building clean and your tenants and staff safe with our odour control solutions in Toronto is our number one priority.