Reasons for Odours in Condos and How to Stop Them

Condo buildings are prone to retaining smells, some of which can be unpleasing to tenants and employees. To learn more about the reasons for garbage odour inside condo buildings and about garbage odour control in Toronto, keep on reading.

Reasons for Garbage Odour

Garbage, regardless of where it comes from, smells pretty bad. In most condo buildings, there are chutes on each floor for mixed garbage, organic waste, and paper/plastic recycling. These tri-sorters open into bins which are the main source for unpleasant odours.

You may think that once you throw your garbage down the chute, it’s out of sight and out of mind—but that’s not necessarily the case. Even though chutes and garbage compactors in Toronto are separate from individual units, the smells that get trapped in them can waft into other areas. Many residents don’t think of the garbage chute as a real source of odour since there’s no actually garbage inside it. However, once garbage is thrown down the chute, the bags can open and they break at the bottom of the chute. This can cause debris to get stuck to the inside of the chute causing the smells of the garbage to waft into nearby areas and hallways.

This odour can be enough to make employees and tenants uncomfortable inside condo buildings. So, what can condo management do? The answer is to find an effective odour control solution to deal with the foul odours that come from the garbage chutes and compactor room.

Benefits of Garbage Odour Control in Toronto

The are numerous benefits to investing in odour control solutions in Toronto. One of which is the cost savings. Did you know that in Toronto and many other major cities, city garbage collectors will collect garbage only if it is source-separated? Otherwise collection must be contracted out to private companies. Whether or not your building has a tri-sorter, source separating saves money. It’s in a condo management’s best interest to opt for odour control solutions in the building’s garbage rooms. Another huge benefit of odour control solutions is the impact it has on the quality of life for residents and employees. No one wants to live in a building when it smells like garbage. And although it’s possible to mask the odours with various fragrances, in the end, it just makes the problem worse.

Air Fixx Offers Effective Odour Control Solutions

Air Fixx has created an innovative odour control management system to ensure that garbage chute odours are eradicated rather than masked, and don’t linger just beneath the surface. Our unique odour control system is scent-free, guaranteeing the odours in your garbage room are closely targeted and removed efficiently. Our product is non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safe for staff and residents alike. By neutralizing odour causing molecules, you’ll be able to avoid wafting smells in garbage chutes and compactor rooms, and eliminate daily irritation for residents and staff. Contact us today to learn more about our unique odour eliminating techniques.

Pro-Active Odor Control

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