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Professional Odour Management Toronto

Air Fixx is proud to be one of the top odour control suppliers in the GTA, providing effective garbage odour control in Toronto. We’ve set ourselves apart from other odour management companies in the GTA, as our unique services attack odours on a molecular level and effectively remove them, rather than just covering them up with a heavily perfumed scent. Property managers often seek out our odour control solutions for the comfort of residents and staff in multi-residential buildings as well as some commercial properties.

Odour Control Solutions for:

Commercial Garbage/Trash Compactors

Odours from commercial compactors can have smells that seep into the main space. Solve this issue with Air Fixx’s unscented solutions and our best practices for cleaning and cleaning products designed specifically for tough to clean areas.

Garbage Chutes (Multi-Storey)

In condo and apartment buildings, garbage chutes can be a serious source of odour that can waft into hallways.

Food Waste Storage

Eco-friendly initiatives like food composting are great for the environment and when properly managed have no odors.

Loading Docks

Depending on the type of business you’re running, you may experience some unpleasant odours near or even on your loading dock. This can affect the perception of your business by passersby, and subsequently affect your reputation. Safeguard your company’s status with Air Fixx’s discreet odour solutions.

Lifestyle Scents

Our Lifestyle Scents program applies a luxuriously scented fragrance in hallways, elevators, gyms, theatre rooms and party rooms. Depending upon your needs we can target the scents or leave a light scent in all common areas.

Areas We Serve

We are proud to serve commercial buildings across the GTA. Contact us for more detailed information.