Odour Control for Garbage Chutes and Compactors in Apartments

Garbage disposal in apartments can be a huge issue, especially when it comes to odour control in the GTA. Apartment garbage chutes can be a major source of odour and require attention from professional odour management in the GTA. Odour control suppliers in Toronto tend to focus on garbage chutes and garbage compactors since food and miscellaneous items tend to build up and create unpleasant smells that can waft into the halls and surrounding areas. Even though cleaning these areas can be one way to tackle the odour, garbage is bound to build up and pollute the air again—which is why odour control in the GTA is exceedingly important.

Two Most Common Sources of Odour in Buildings


Garbage compactors come into contact with a wide array of garbage, including food, personal hygiene products, and other things that intermingle to create a less-than pleasant smell. It can be hard to clean garbage compactors to get rid of the smell on a regular basis, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in a consistent odour management system.

Garbage Chutes

It’s a common misconception that the dumpsters at the end of the garbage chutes are the culprits of smell. In actuality, the chutes themselves can become dirty and be the source of odour. When residents throw their trash down, some of it can become stuck to the side and make the smell that much worse. Thus, it’s imperative to keep garbage chutes clean, and have an odour control solution to pick up the slack between cleaning—chutes are used daily. Odour should be treated proactively and chutes cleaned on a regular basis.

How Air Fixx Operates

Garbage Odour Management

Our goal is to effectively eliminate odours from the air to guarantee the health and comfort of residents and staff. Most odour control companies in the GTA simple cover up the smell with a perfumed fragrance, but all that does is add more harmful chemicals to the air without truly getting rid of the smell. To really “manage” garbage odour, you need to eliminate it from the air completely. Fortunately, Air Fixx has a natural solution that does just that.

A Safe Solution So You Can Breathe Better Air, 365 Days a Year

Air Fixx is one of the top odour control unit suppliers in Toronto, and we pride ourselves on the unique and innovate product we’re able to offer customers. Our product is non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safe for staff and residents alike. By targeting the garbage (not the air around it) and neutralizing odour causing molecules, you’ll be able to avoid wafting smells in garbage chutes and compactor rooms, and eliminate daily irritation for residents and staff.

Our environmentally safe and 100% effective odour control solution will guarantee the health and safety of your employees and tenants. The best part? It’ll only cost a fraction of your overall maintenance budget. Contact us today to request a quote.

Pro-Active Odor Control

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