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Odor Control Services in the GTA

Odor Control Services in the GTA

Whether you spell it odor or odour, you should not live with garbage smells.

Garbage chutes and compactors are often the culprit. Odours waft up the chutes, into chute rooms and then into the hallway, common areas, and even individual units. Bad odours in your building can cause stress. What can you do to stop the bad odours? It’s simple: call Air Fixx.

Our Odour Control Services

We specialize in odour control services to keep your building fresh. If wanted, we offer free training for keeping garbage areas clean and best practices for ongoing cleaning. Our cleaning products are designed specifically for tough cleaning jobs to make cleaning faster and less work.

Odour-Free Chutes & Compactors

Our odour control services for chutes and compacts is pro-active, eco-friendly, and safe. It ensures that your garbage chutes stay odour and scent-free, so residents aren’t hit with a strong whiff of garbage when they open the chute. With no wafting smells coming from chutes or compactor rooms you’ll reduce daily complaints from residents and create a happier and more comfortable atmosphere. This is a great option for buildings that wish to maintain a completely scent-free environment.

Scented Services

Our lightly scented option will provide a gently perfumed scent. To avoid fragrance fatigue the scent is changed regularly. Our scented services won’t leave anyone that walks into your garbage or compactor room smelling like an air freshener — our scents won’t stick to clothing when passing through treated areas, but instead will remain in the air where it works to keep odours at bay.

Premium Combined Services

Some Boards and property managers prefer a combination of our scent-free, and scented odour control solutions. We can employ our lightly fragranced solution to areas wherever you desire, and have others complete scent free — the decision is up to you.

Our Garbage Chute & Compactor Odour Control Process

We specialize in eliminating odours in residential buildings.

How exactly does out system target these smells and eliminate them? Our equipment is fitted with a timer that automatically sprays a safe and organic mist on the garbage every half an hour. The specially formulated mist works by oxidizing the odour causing molecules, eliminating odours immediately. This prevents any odours from wafting into other areas as the source itself is targeted, not the air around it. Our specially designed formula effectively targets and neutralizes odours, rather than just masking it with perfumes.

Areas We Service

We service multi-residential properties such as condo buildings and apartment buildings in GTA, including Toronto, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Burlington and Mississauga. As such, you can rest assured that we’ve perfect our techniques so we can assess and solve your odour issues quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Air Fixx for Professional Odour Control Solution in the GTA?

Air Fixx is the ideal choice for odour control solutions in the GTA. Our fragrance-free formula allows property owners to keep their buildings 100% scent-free for the comfort and safety of those who are sensitive to fragrances, without compromising the cleanliness of their property. Our product is non-toxic, biodegradable, and most of all, safe. Many deodorizing products on the market are riddled with harsh chemicals and subject to health and safety regulations and daily measurement requirements. While our system works to completely neutralize odours, we can provide an additional scent to help keep the area consistently fresh.

Air Fixx staff will work with your building staff to accurately target all sources of odour. If you want us to, we also provide free training to help clean effectively and efficiently.

Our service guarantee is unparalleled. Why? Because we’re confident in our technologies and can guarantee that your building will be odour-free with our product. We’re so confident that we offer a free odour-control system installation for you to try out. Contact us today to learn more about our unique odour control solutions, and to begin your free trial.