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Fresh Scents

Our Fresh Scents program captures the feeling of excellence and quality. We can enhance your experience of coming home. The sense of smell has a powerful impact on how people feel about a space. We can help your buidling feel warm and relaxing and luxurous. We use the scent carefully, so that it can be noticed, but not announced.

Our Fresh Scents were developed by a naturopath to make sure they are safe for residents and staff. They are made with natural ingresdients to have minimal impact on the envioronment.

If you need a cleaner, upscale feeling in your building and want to neutralize odours, give us a call. We can help. We will come to your building to learn about any areas that may be an issue and will provide an individualized approach to solving the issues. This is our focus so we understand the needs of condos and apartment building owners, managers, staff and residents.