Fragrance-Free Odour Control Solutions for Condo Buildings 

Condo and apartment buildings are notorious for odour issues, making it a significant point of concern for property owners and managers. Multiple chute rooms combined with a high number of occupants can make for a pretty undesirable smelling hallway and building. While odours are pretty much unavoidable in condo and apartment buildings, there are many odour control solutions in Toronto to help diffuse them. To learn about the benefits of fragrance-free condo odour control in Toronto, keep on reading.

Challenges of Odour Management in Condo Buildings

One of the biggest challenges condo buildings face when it comes to odour control is the temporariness of the fix. In other words, whether it’s able to actually get rid of the smell. Many traditional odour control techniques in Toronto such as deodorizers, disinfectants, odour counteractants, air scrubbing, and pairing agents are merely temporary solutions that mask the odours in your building, rather than getting rid of them. The objective is to find the source(s) of the odour and eradicate, rather than just cover it up with perfumed scents.

When odours aren’t removed properly, residents will be able to smell traces of it underneath the fragrance used to try to cover it up, which won’t increase the comfort or desirability of your building. Not to mention, tenants with be constantly smelling the less-than-pleasant odour from trash, which could negatively impact their quality of life in your building. The last thing tenants want to do is have to run into the chute room with their noses plugged. Effectively eliminating wafting smells of decomposing trash is the best way to please current residents and attract new ones.

Features of Fragrance-Free Odour Control Solutions

With fragrance-free odour control solutions, it’s a little easier to ensure that your supplier is actually getting rid of the odour causing molecules, rather than just covering up the smell with a heavily perfumed scent. In addition, many people have an increased sensitivity to smell—when marketing your condo building to prospective tenants, you want to be able to appeal to a widespread audience. By using fragrance-free odour control solution, you can assure those who are allergic to certain scents that they won’t be aggravated with your odour maintenance.

How Air Fixx’s Odour Control System Works for Condo Buildings

Different odour control suppliers in Toronto have different techniques of combating building odours. At Air Fixx, we’ve created an innovative solution to ensure that odours are eradicated rather than masked, and don’t linger just beneath the surface. How does it work? By neutralizing odour causing molecules and targeting the actual garbage rather than the air around it, you’ll be able to prevent the smell of garbage from wafting through your chutes and compactor rooms. Our unique odour control system is scent-free, ensuring the odours in your garbage room are closely targeted and removed efficiently. Our product is non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safe for staff and residents alike. Contact us today to learn more about our unique fragrance-free odour control solutions for your condo or apartment building and see how it can eliminate daily irritation for residents and staff.

Pro-Active Odor Control

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