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What's that smell?

Living in a multi-residential community offers many benefits beyond the physical space. It offers security and being able to get help when it’s needed.   As with all good things, there can be occasional irritants.  That’s where we can help. The Air Fixx objective is to make everyday living more pleasant by reducing stress caused by odours.  Our goal is to make a positive difference in our community and the world.

We believe that big change starts behind the scenes in small actions.  Like investigating new approaches to odour control and having safer products. These actions add up, elevating the well-being of staff and residents in your community.  We hope to make change accessible and show the improved well-being that one choice can have.

Safe Odour Management

our approach

Along the way we’ve learned from managers, residents and staff:

  1. We learnt that some people associate cleanliness with a “fresh” smell so we worked hard to find a solution. What we discovered is that some scents have health warnings. Safety is our number one priority.

So … we started from scratch and found naturopaths and expert chemists to aid us in creating a line of scents that contain no known allergens, are non-toxic, vegan, and are made using only sustainable ingredients.

  1. That is when we learnt that not making something smell doesn’t mean that the area is clean.  So we asked the cleaning experts, supers who work hard all day.

We learned from supers what works and what does not for cleaning garbage areas and chutes. Just like you wouldn’t use hand soap and a face cloth to clean a burnt pan, supers need cleaning solutions for large areas and cleaning where garbage trucks drip.  This prompted development and sourcing a series of AirFixx products tailored to cleaning compactor areas and chutes.

The Pro-Active Way

Our Future

We are committed to improving the everyday life of residents and staff at condos and apartments.

We seek out the newest advances in odour control and turn these into best-practices, assisting our clients to provide an environment where people can flourish.    

Pro-Active Odour Control

Air Fixx Odour Control Services

Effective and Safe Odour Management Solutions for Multi Residential Living 

Scent-Free Odour Control.

Harnesses Biological Processes 

Targets Garbage, Organics Bins

Safe Toxin-Free Formulation

Luxurious Subtle Scents

Lobbies, Gyms, Staircases

Quick Application

Saves Time and Effort

Garbage Rooms, Loading Bays